Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Day at Youghal Farmers' Market

Blackwater Garden Centre in Youghal, Cork, held its first farmers' market last Saturday. What a good idea: bringing garden centres and farmers' markets together.

How foodie is that?

In fact, there are a myriad of good reasons for bringing these two things together: shelter and general comfort for stallholders, a retail atmosphere, good parking, knowledgeable foodie customers out to spend, ability to 'market the market' at the garden centre 7 days a week, the list goes on really.

It went very well by all accounts, with two of our farmers - Jim Lucy and Martin O Leary - selling out of product well before the end.

The site is here , and here's a pic of the first stallholders:
(L to R: Jim Lucy (black Angus beef), Siobhan Cronin (baking and savoury products), Mary Kay Solomon ( American style baking, fresh eggs and salad leaves), Maria Anthony ( local honey and honey based creams), Bernie Morel ( home made breads), Ann Foley (fresh in-season vegetables), Martin O Leary (lamb), Michael Walsh (fresh fish from Irish waters), Joe Condon of Omega Beef Direct.

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