Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Martin O Leary's farm

Update: across on my other blog, there an account of the walk and talk myself & Martin had recently.....see here

Martin O Leary is about to start direct selling his own lamb. He's been working with us from the start, and has just started producing lamb burgers, mince and the various cuts. I've tasted them, and have to say they taste amazing!

Very lean meat - the mince tastes very smooth in the mouth - no fat residues left behind in the mouth, as I sometimes get with other mince.
The burgers are real standout burgers, with perfectly texture. The cuts are excellent too - the small amount of fat on them is really sweet, while the meat itself is very tender.

He'll start selling at the new Farmers' Market at Scott's Hotel, in Killarney, this coming Friday. I'd highly recommend his meat.

To whet your appetite, here's a pic from his farm in Gleninchiquin, Beara Peninsula. You can see the Macgillycuddy's Reeks off in the background.

And here's a collection of them on Flikr - well worth a look.

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JRGidaho said...

It might be a little late to make a comment, but we stayed at the O'Leary cottage above Gleninchquin in Sept 2011 and had the pleasure of enjoying a leg, chops, and liver from Martin and Paddy's flock. It was exceptional. We have been sheep producers in the States in years past and have eaten lamb in New Zealand, Australia, Falkland Islands, UK, other places in Ireland, and Chilean Patagonia. The O'Leary lamb is right up there amongst the best of it all.

Jim Gerrish, Patterson, Idaho USA