Thursday, October 9, 2008

farm (and more) walk part 1: the market

For the farm walk, we started at the end, so to speak. We brought people to the end point, the point of sale, to see that retail dynamic unfold.

Over on the left is a small section of the farmer attendees, chewing the fat.

Also visible is the very relaxed reality of a fine day at a market. Eileen had to actually do a day's selling Omega Beef Direct beef at the market while the whole thing was going on, as well as loads of other work on the farm and back at the house in and around the marque!

Farm walks are usually just that - walks on the farm. Ours involved each stage in Joe's business.
I have to say I was impressed with Dungarvan farmers' market. The local authorities are v supportive - I met both the EHO and the Town Clerk, and both were positive about the market.
The layout is good, and there are a number of positive food stories eminating from this market.

Paul from Bodega in Waterford mentioned that he will soon be hosting a farmers' market evening in his restaurant

Here's a picture that sums up a lot really: a chef, a farmer and a consumer chatting about their mutual interest: quality organic upland beef.

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