Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oisin Murnion and his Galloways

See article on Oisin Murnion's exceptional Galloways in Northern Ireland here (pg 29). A detailed farming piece, the article also includes info on how his Galloways help with biodiversity balance: how they keep back bracken and manage heather. (Oisin is organising the Beef Expo in Dungannon on Tuesday)


Padraig Keogh said...

Hi Oliver,

Hope your keeping well?

I downloaded the brochure for Tuesday last night and review it - is there cattle for sale on Tuesday or is it just an opportunity to meet people from the organic society.


Padraig Keogh

ollie said...

there will be cattle for sale alright: I know of 2 people bringing animals: both are I think, bringing v high quality (pedigree) cow, calf and heifer. (galloways btw, i@m sure there's other animals for sale too).
Both also have other animals back home for sale.