Friday, August 15, 2008

progress report

Recent happy moments of progress for Organics with Altitude:

Farm Fest 08 was a great success: we gathered up a lot of interested names, and have been communicating with them and key stakeholders outlined in our oiriginal proposal ever since.

The IFA's meat section has disseminated our information to interested parties - a big one!

The Good Herdsman are interested in what we're doing, and will set aside a dedicated space for us in their factories, should the need develop

Both Organic organisations (IOFGA and the Organic Trust) are supportive, as are the main organic training organisation, NOTS

We've updated our production protocol, and will hopefully recieve more feedback from people on it (v v soon, it will be downloadable from Joe's website)

Joe's farm featured on Clodagh McKenna's TV show on farmers' markets, Darina Allen and Trevor Sargent both got in touch with positive statements, and the tests on Joe's beef from Ashtown continue to show great results as regards the Omega levels.

Things are looking good.

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