Monday, July 21, 2008

This blog: what we'll be doing

Hi Everybody. This blog will chronicle some of the progress of the Organics with Altitude project Joe Condon and Oliver Moore are involved in.

Firstly, we'll present an outline of the Project. Next, we'll provide a set of downloadables from Joe's site. Then, we'll present some of the 'out and abouts' and communications with people we've had over the last short while. Finally, we'll keep doing this latter task, as we hope to keep communicating with people about this project for the next while.

So, first things first - below is a little about what the project is. If you are interested, make a posting or contact Joe through the details below.

Organics with Altitude - our aims and objectives:

To develop a certified organic branded meat product from the Irish uplands.

This product would involve traditional breeds of both cattle and sheep, farmed at altitude, often incorporating commonage, and marketed specifically as being both organic and upland. The overall package will involve a whole system or ‘conception to consumption’ protocol, encompassing the following five areas: production, processing, distribution, marketing, customers.

A micro version of this project is already in existence: the Omega Beef Direct organic farm and food business run by Joe Condon. The aim of this project is to develop a network of similar businesses in other parts of Ireland. These buisnesses will sell direct. Surplus will be branded and marketed as organic meat form the Irish highlands.

Breeds traditional to Britain and Ireland, upland-based producer groups, upskilling and research, branding and marketing are all central to this project, and are all encompassed within the protocol which will be developed. Along with cattle and sheep, other altitude-based meat production may also be considered, including goat, pig and duck.

Finally, this project has recieved some funding from the department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food's Organic Unit.

Contact: Joe Condon on
087 2735447
or visit the site

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