Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IOFGA application form checklist for farmers joining Organic Farming Scheme

Below is the checklist from the IOFGA application form for joining the Orgnaic Farming Scheme 2010.

N.B. Please return the completed form and relevant payment (see list of charges on the sheet headed IOFGA Operating and Application Procedures) together with:

1.Conversion/Development Plan- this must be signed by operator;

2.Soil Analysis Results;

3.Application fee-Please make cheque payable to IOFGA.

4.6 inch and 25/50 inch Ordnance Survey Maps;

5.Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development ORG 1 Form;

6.Faecal Parasite Examination Report and detailed Health Plan. This plan must be signed off by a veterinary surgeon;

7.A simple sketch map of your entire holding;
8.A detailed plan of your animal housing including the dimensions of each shed and the number of animals that can be housed in each shed;

9.Copy of REPS Plan and schedule of area (s);

10. Any other documentation to support your application.

To the Inspection and Certification Scheme
Main Street
Co. Longford
Tel: 043-3342495 Fax: 043-42496
Email: iofga@eircom.net

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